The Power Goes Out And You Are Powerless…


The PaceDocs team learned this weekend how lucky and fortunate they all are to have electricity. On Friday evening, Pace University in Pleasantville experienced a campus-wide blackout due to strong winds. You know the saying, “you don’t know how good you have it, until it’s gone.” Well, you don’t realize how much you rely on power until it’s gone.

How ironic is this? We leave for Puerto Rico in eight days to cover a story about the after-effects of Hurricane Maria. So what are the odds that the PaceDocs team experiences what it’s like to have no power before we even go to Puerto Rico? Thanks to Winter Storm Riley, the PaceDocs team quickly realized that having no power is really unpleasant.

How did we feel?  Well, we didn’t have WiFi and found it difficult to do school work. We didn’t have cell service and couldn’t communicate with each other. The dining hall on campus couldn’t cook food or take meal plan money because it operates on a computer. We also didn’t have heat in our dorms.

Winter Storm Riley knocked out power for 900,000 people from Northern Virginia to Boston. However, less than 24 hours later, 293,000 people received power back, that’s 32%.

Do you know how long it took Puerto Rico to get 30% of power back after Hurricane Maria hit? 6 weeks!

Even though the PaceDocs team only sat in the dark for less than 24 hours, Winter Storm Riley helped us experience a small piece of what it’s currently like in Puerto Rico. Today marks the 165th day that the people of Puerto Rico have no power.  While the PaceDocs team can turn on the lights, Puerto Rico continues to be in the dark.



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