Puerto Ricans Show Support At Calle Ocho Festival After Hurricane Maria


Puerto Ricans continued to march and take pride in their country. Showing everyone although the devastation of Hurricane Maria was horrifying, their spirits are not broken at the Calle Ocho festival PaceDocs attended today.

The Calle Ocho festival is not only Miami’s biggest street festival, but also one of the largest Latino festivals in the world. It takes place in Little Havana where there is a large Cuban-American population and the festival spans 20 blocks.

The event is held by the Kiwanis Club of Little Havana, an organization of volunteers committed to serving the children in their community. The money that is raised from this event goes back to this cause.

The festival is filled with food from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Colombia and it featured music from all Hispanic backgrounds.

For many Puerto Ricans, this festival was a chance to show their support for their friends and family who are still struggling on the island six months after Hurricane Maria. Calle Ocho was the first Hispanic event held after Hurricane Irma devastated Florida.

The tremendous amount of Puerto Rican pride was shown in the variety of Puerto Rican food and high flying flags throughout the festival. Many Puerto Ricans were seen wearing clothing donning the Puerto Rican flag and other symbols representative of their culture.

The love and support that Puerto Ricans had for one another during the festival was not only a celebration but also inspiring, and reminds us, the PaceDocs team that this story is of extreme importance and that Puerto Rico is more than just a commonwealth.

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