Diving Into The Story…

In our first week back, the PaceDocs crew has been immersed in developing the story of our documentary, brainstorming a title, and creating our film poster. And on top of all of our post production deadlines, we had the chance to be interviewed by FiOS 1 News on Friday. 

Our first step in the post production process was transcribing interviews, over 250 typed pages of transcription. We then each read all of the transcriptions and pulled out soundbites that tell the story. These soundbites are separated and placed into each of the 3 acts. It’s a painstaking process, but it gets us closer and closer to developing the story. In addition, after we poured through our transcripts, we realized that we actually visited 14 towns, not 11 as we previously thought.

To meet deadlines for promotional material, we needed to develop our title. After many brainstorming word sessions, we finally decided on a name and created our film poster for our documentary, Puerto Rico: Hope in the Dark. This title is reflective of the devastation that Hurricane Maria caused to the people on the island. The hurricane left most in the dark, but the people retained their hope and resilience amidst the odds. We want our poster to represent the people of Puerto Rico, and we are excited to be sharing this with all of you!

Lastly, PaceDocs had the opportunity to be by interviewed and featured by FiOS 1 News on Friday’s broadcast. PaceDoc’s crew members Kelly Whritenour, Adina McCray, and Dr. Maria Luskay were interviewed, describing their experiences in Puerto Rico.

We are anxiously awaiting our May 1st release at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NY and our May 7th debut at the Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts in New York City. We are committed to our documentary and are excited for everyone to see Puerto Rico and share their story through the eyes of our lenses.

En nuestra primera semana de regreso, nuestro equipo, PaceDocs se ha visto inmerso en el desarrollo de nuestro documental, empezamos con una lluvia de ideas para crear el título asi como la creación de nuestro póster. Además de todas nuestras fechas de plazo para finalizar nuestra produccion, tuvimos la oportunidad de ser entrevistados por FiOS 1 News el Viernes.

Nuestro primer paso en el proceso de postproducción fue transcribir las entrevistas, trabajamos en transcribir más de 250 páginas a máquina. Luego, cada uno de nosotros leyó todas las transcripciones y sacó fragmentos de sonido que cuentan la historia. Estos fragmentos de sonido se separan y se colocan en cada uno de los 3 actos. Es un proceso muy laborioso, pero nos acerca cada vez más al desarrollo de nuestra historia. Además, después de revisar nuestras transcripciones, nos dimos cuenta que realmente visitamos 14 ciudades, no 11 como pensábamos anteriormente.

Para cumplir con el plazo de nuestros materiales de promocion, necesitábamos desarrollar nuestro título. Después de muchas sesiones considerando miles de ideas, finalmente decidimos que nuestro documental se llamara, Puerto Rico: Hope in the Dark. Este título es un reflejo de la devastación que el huracán causo a la isla. El huracán dejó a la mayoría de la población en la oscuridad, pero los Puertorriqueños mantienen la esperanza que se van a recuperar. Queremos que nuestro póster represente a la gente de Puerto Rico, y estamos emocionados de compartir esto con todos ustedes!

Por último, PaceDocs tuvo la oportunidad de ser entrevistado y presentado en FiOS 1 News durante la transmisión del viernes. Los miembros del equipo de PaceDoc Kelly Whritenour, Adina McCray y la Dra. Maria Luskay fueron entrevistados, ellos describieron sus experiencias en Puerto Rico.

Estamos esperando ansiosamente el lanzamiento de nuestro documental el primero de mayo en Jacob Burns Film Center en Pleasantville, NY, y nuestro debut el 7 de mayo en el Centro Michael Schimmel para las Artes en la ciudad de Nueva York. Estamos comprometidos con nuestro documental y estamos entusiasmados de que todos puedan ver Puerto Rico y compartir su historia a través de los ojos de nuestras camaras.

One thought on “Diving Into The Story…

  1. Dolores Vidal-Roy

    I have seen this piece three times by now and am very impressed with the work that you have done in Puerto Rico and here. I am impressed by the quality of your interviewing skills, the individuals selected and compilation of information produced so far. I was further impressed by your including Prof. Jorge Duany’s input. I read and follow his essays in El Nuevo Dia while in P.R. I know that the best is still coming and look forward to seeing the finished product on the 1st of May at the Jacob Burns Theater.
    I am a Puerto Rican, resident of Katonah, in Northern Westchester, previously a resident of Somers, New York where I moved from the Bronx. As a social worker I have worked in the surrounding communities for many years. Also for the past ten or eleven years I spend two months of the winter in Puerto Rico.
    During my most recent visit to my Island (January and February 2018) I was exposed to the post hurricane experiences of my, family, friends and many others. I also was able to see for myself the impact of the hurricane on many levels.
    I write essays and poems and have written a few about the present conditions on the Island and the emotional effects on the people. I would be willing to make my essays and poems available to you as a contribution to your project if you feel that they can be useful.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Dolores Vidal-Roy


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